Only Nintendo could price cardboard sheets at $69.99 USD & $79.99 USD respectively… Today Nintendo unveiled their newest experiment, dubbed Nintendo Labo, that provides Nintendo Switch users a wealth of new ways to enjoy their Nintendo Switch – Through a collection of games like 1-2 Switch, Switch users now have the opportunity to construct their very own gaming peripherals, and customise them as they see fit!

You can view Nintendo’s new site for Nintendo Labo HERE!

Whilst this is obviously targeted for Nintendo’s younger audiences, it also seems rather interesting to some of us hardcore fans over here at Respawning – Being able to make your own gaming gear out of nothing but a bit of cardboard and some instructions, no glue required? AND to have pulley systems and be able to endure wear-and-tear? Whoever designed these packs definitely should get a payrise.

However, the pricing is it’s own issue – Would you really fork out a collective $149.98 for 47 sheets of cardboard (Not including extra strings and pulleys)? That’s nearly $3.19 per sheet! Another issue that has to be raised as well is revolving around the titles themselves – Are these fully fledged games? Or micro minigames?

Finally, there’s one last worry that I have with Labo that I’m really interested to see be answered – How does it affect players that want to make their own, totally custom peripherals with their own cardboard (Or other materials)? How does Labo Kits connect to the Switch? Is it through a USB C to RFID identifier? If that’s the case, the RFID tags are probably bespoke Nintendo hardware / software, and would prevent anyone without an existing Labo kit from making their own peripherals…

Anyway, there we have it! Nintendo Labo! What do you think of Nintendo offering us $149.98 worth of cardboard, plastic weights, strings and two game cartridges? Are you impressed and sold on this new innovation? Or are you a stern disbeliever? Let us know in the comments!