Minutes ago, Nintendo UK’s YouTube channel streamed a 17 minute presentation detailing the upcoming Super Mario Maker 2 title, as well as revealing the Nintendo Switch Vouchers Program. The video, and a summary, may be found below.

For those of you with a little less than 15 minutes, here’s the summary: Building on the framework left by the previous Mario Maker, Mario Maker 2 adds a plethora of new features, such the creation of slopes (both steep and gentle), snake blocks, on/off switches, seesaws, and swinging claws. Players can also add water or lava to normal levels, and adjust the rise and fall using various speeds and height markers.

The addition of alterable scrolling makes a debut as well, with players able to direct the angle, speed, and duration of scrolls in a level, allowing for the creation of sudden, frantic sections. In addition to new sound effects, level clear conditions, and course themes, the game also features a brand new Story mode, where players must earn coins to rebuild Princess Peach’s castle! The Night theme also makes an appearance, allowing players to alter the levels and items that appear in a given theme. Additionally, the Super Mario 3D World gamestyle is now available, with its own rules and available abilities, like Cat Mario!

Online, levels will be easier to find than ever before: With the ability to search by style tags (such as ‘Auto Scroller’ or ‘Puzzle’), region, and name, you’ll find what you’re after in no time. The ability to leave Dark Souls-style comments in levels also has quite a lot of potential to it. Online is also how you’ll access multiplayer modes: You can play with up to 4 people in a stage, either in versus or co-op. Participants in multiplayer will need a Switch and a copy of the game to play.

Mario Maker 2 will release on June 28th of this year, both as a stand-alone, and as part of a bundle including 12 months of Online.

The Nintendo Voucher Program was also revealed: costing around £84 (€99), Online gamers will be able to get any two titles from the program’s catalogue, inclusive of hit titles and some pre-orders. Mario Maker 2 is confirmed to be available to this program.