Earlier today, Nintendo news site, Nintendo Life, reported that ‘multiple trusted sources’ have revealed that the Nintendo Direct that was initially rescheduled due to the disaster in Hokkaido will occur this Thursday, September 13th, instead. The site has made several correct predictions in the past, but there has been no word from official sources as of yet.

A tweet by the Twitter account of Platinum Train, an upcoming game for the Switch, announced that they had a ‘little surprise announcement’ on Thursday, which was initially taken by many as further evidence of a Nintendo Direct reveal. The account later clarified, however, that the announcement was not to do with Nintendo Direct, but the reveal of the mobile app version of their title.

Whilst the contents of the upcoming Direct remain unconfirmed, there have been several leaks and slips, including a new Yoshi title, an Animal Crossing/Splatoon Crossover Event, and Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition HD, among others. It is also theorised that another Animal Crossing and Smash Bros. Ultimate announcement may be made.