As I’m sure you’ve all seen, Nintendo just aired their Nintendo Direct event, based on 3DS titles! Here is some info from the event…

Pokemon Sun & Moon

  • Alolan Rattatta announced (Normal / Dark)
  • Z-Moves are used in a similar strain to Mega Evolution, by giving certain Pokemon Z-Crystals to hold
  • Munchlax Release Event – There is to be a launch event for Pokemon Sun & Moon where players can obtain a special Munchlax; Munchlax holds Snorium-Z, and can use a unique Z Move
  • November 23rd – Game Release
  • November 18th – New 3ds XL Solgaleo & Lunaala will be released
  • November 23rd – Limited Edition Pokemon Sun & Moon Sky Blue 2DS will be released

Super Mario Maker 3DS


  • Game is to be a port of the Wii U version – Releasing December 2nd, 2017 for 3DS
  • New features include Challenge Modes – Kill all enemies, collect all coins, etc

  • Limited compatibility with existing Wii U courses
  • Amiibo parts of the Wii U edition will be cut out of this version

  • Streetpass courses confirmed; obtain other player’s courses through Streetpass, or local connection

  • Team Course Creation confirmed – Multiple players can work on a single course by working on unfinished uploaded courses

Mario Party Star Rush


  • New modes to be included, like Toad Scramble – Everyone plays Toad and the dice is removed, making the game more about strategy than luck
  • Players can run into other Mario characters on courses called “Allies” – Allies give extra dice rolls, points and other benefits
  • November 4th, 3 new Mario Party amiibo releasing

  • 4-player local multiplayer using only one copy of the game is possible through eShop applications

  • The new Boo Amiibo glows in the dark!

The Legend of Zelda


  • This winter, there will be 4 classic Amiibo Zelda figures releasing that will have compatibility with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

  • The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is releasing on the WiiU eShop as of today
  • Hyrule Warriors DLC 3 – Phantom Hourglass & Spirit Tracks Pack announced and released today

Nintendo NES Mini


  • Nothing new, but the NES Mini is releasing November 11th!

Animal Crossing


  • Animal Crossing New Leaf getting a new update expanding towns with new features and Amiibo functionality. This will be present in a new re-released version of New Leaf called “Animal Crossing New Leaf + Welcome Amiibo!” coming this December

  • November 11th there will be a new season of Animal Crossing Amiibo cards releasing, containing 50 new cards

Rhythm Paradise Mega Mix


  • October 21st Rhythm Paradise Mega Mix releasing in the EU

  • 30 new Rhythm games ontop of all the Rhythm games of the original games

  • Dual Audio (EU & JAP) confirmed

  • Local 4 player co-op with one copy!

  • Demo is available on the 3DS eShop NOW!

Dragon Quest


Dragon Quest 7

  • New content includes finding tablets with recruited monsters to unlock new dungeons

  • Monsters & tablets can be shared via street pass & wifi

  • Over 50 tablets are available from launch, with more coming in gradual updates

  • Each one unlocks a new dungeon!

  • September 16th EU release – Free theme with digital purchases

Dragon Quest 8

  • Releasing in early 2017 in the EU

Picross 3D – Round 2


  • 300+ puzzles
  • Amiibo puzzles
  • December 2nd release date for 3DS in the EU
  • Picross 3D Round 1 is being released on the WiiU eShop in a few days after the conference

Tank Troopers


  • Newly announced eShop exclusive game
  • Releasing 2017

Yoshi’s Wooly World


  • Poochy & Yoshi’s Wooly World announced for a February 3rd 2017 release on 3DS

  • Releasing with a Poochy Yarn Amiibo

  • Comes together as an Amiibo bundle pack

  • Expands the world of Yoshi’s Wooly World on WiiU with new levels

Ever Oasis


  • Gameplay Trailer shown – 2017 release date for 3DS

Mario Sports Superstars


  • Announced – Includes football, baseball, tennis, golf and horse riding
  • Single player story mode confirmed for each sport

  • Releasing in Spring 2017



  • A new Pikmin Sidescroller announced – 2017 release, with a Gameplay Trailer shown