About an hour ago, Nintendo’s official YouTube channel released a video discussing the mystery Pokemon that’s been appearing in Pokemon Go of late.

The video features a conversation between Pokemon Go’s Professor Willow and the Let’s Go! Pokemon version of Professor Oak. The former asks if Professor Oak has heard of this strange Pokemon before, and after some thought, Oak reveals that it could be the mythical Pokemon, Meltan. Meltan, apparently a Pokemon able to manifest itself through Dittos (hence the reversion of Meltan to a Ditto when caught), is described in ancient texts. Professor Oak vows to read them to learn more. Professor Willow ends the conversation just as Professor Oak seemingly remembers something important about Meltan, and Willow vows to do some field research on this new Pokemon.

Now we have a name and confirmation the Pokemon is an intentional design and not the result of a glitch, we can look forward to more reveals about the mysterious Meltan in future. There has been fan speculation that the design elements may link Meltan not only to Ditto, but also to the Unown – or even Missingno. What we do know at this point is that Meltan will be a focus of the Let’s Go! Pokemon releases, and that Pokemon Go will be having Meltan field research releasing very soon.

Nintendo’s reveal video may be found below.