Similar to the reveal of Obstagoon a while ago, Nintendo has just revealed a new evolution for the classic Farfetch’d – Sirfetch’d!

After acquiring a lot of battle experience in the Galar region, the Gen One Farfetch’d will have the opportunity to evolve into the knightly Sirfetch’d! This evolution, a pure fighting type, wields a leek sword and shield in battle which, along with its brilliant white plumage, conjures the image of heroic knights of old. Sirfetch’d appears to be exclusive to Pokemon Sword.

The reveal was a bit of surprise for some, due to the glitched nature of the site proceeding the reveal making people think anything from a new Rotom evolution to the legendary Missingo being made official tonight instead. But it’s possible they’re building up to explaining that ‘glitch’ they’ve been talking about, but I guess we shall see!

The trailer revealing Sirfetch’d may be found below.