The Official Pokemon Channel just dropped a trailer showing off new Gigantamax forms.

The forms include some exclusives, depending on which version of Pokemon Let’s Go! you’ve played in the past. For those who have played Pokemon Let’s Go! Pikachu, you’ll get a super chonk Pikachu, which knows G-Max Volt Crash – a move that paralyses all opponents. Pokemon Let’s Go! Eevee players will have access to a very fluffy Eevee, which knows G-Max Cuddle – a move that infatuates other Pokemon.

Other forms accessible to all include a fire-infused Charizard, which knows a move called G-Max Wildfire, which damages all non-fire types for four turns. There’s also a Gigantamax Butterfree, which knows G-Max Befuddle, which causes sleep, paralysis, or poison statuses.

One of the Gigantamax forms is locked behind early-access to the game, though – those playing before January 15th, 2020, will receive a Meowth capable of becoming what is essentially the Longcat meme on a massive scale. This Meowth knows G-Max Gold Rush, a move which confuses all targets and earns large in-game currency.

The trailer itself may be found embedded below.