About an hour ago, the Pokemon official Twitter account uploaded a new video regarding the mysterious Meltan that had been popping up in Pokemon Go a while back. The tweet showcased another conversation between Go’s Professor Willow and Professor Oak, during which the two discover Meltan’s evolution – Melmetal!

The video (which may be found below) opens with Professor Willow disclosing his findings about Meltan to Professor Oak, commenting that he’s received quite a lot of them. Meltan instinctually try to absorb metal in the surrounding area, and incorporate it in their biology. Additionally, when grouped together, multiple Meltan attempt to merge with one another, for unknown reasons. It is during this particular line that Willow’s Meltan merge together, and surprise the two academics by becoming the mythical Melmetal – an apparent evolution of Meltan! The trailer ends with a narrator hinting at both Meltan and Melmetal’s appearance in the upcoming Let’s Go! Pokemon titles.

Pokemon information site, Serebii.net was able to provide more fans about the newly revealed Melmetal. Melmetal, a Steel type just like its pre-evolved form, can only be evolved in the Pokemon Go mobile app, and takes 400 Meltan candy to evolve. Melmetal also knows a new Steel type move, Double Iron Bash, which strikes an opponent twice and may cause it to flinch. Additionally, in lore, Melmetal was revered as an ancient deity, celebrated for the creation of metal.

As more news comes to light, it’ll be interesting to see where this new Pokemon slots in, stat-wise. Pokemon Go is available now for the Android and iPhone, and Let’s Go! Pikachu and Eevee releases November 16th.