As the title says, Respawning’s biggest naysayer is now the proud owner of a Nintendo Switch. A console I once described as “just for kids” is currently played 10x more than my PS4.

So many times over the past year or so, the Nintendo Switch has come up in conversation in the Respawning groups regarding how good the console is, how amazing it is to play games portable, and how good the “Nindies” are; and every single time this topic of conversation came up I said the same thing:

I do not own a Nintendo Switch because I am not 8.

My mind, reverting to thinking Nintendo only had Mario and Zelda going for it – alongside a bunch of shameless 3rd party games designed for kids to “accidentally” use their parents bank account on – would sit there and staunchly remind my colleagues that I thought the Switch was shit and only children should bother to buy Nintendo’s console.

Sound familiar gamers?

Well, I am here to say once and for all that I was completely wrong to think these things. As it turns out, all these statements about how good the Switch was that I brushed away without even a second thought… Were absolutely true.

Yes, yes, Zelda and Mario are still the shining examples of what Nintendo has to offer, but one could easily argue that with these two major games out of the way, the Switch can simply stand alongside Sony & Microsoft’s powerhouses with the indie titles the game has to offer.

I found myself redownloading games I already owned, telling myself that they would be better on the Switch, and you know what? They WERE better on the Switch; the ability to seamlessly transition from playing on the TV to playing handheld really does increase the levels of enjoyment I received from these games.

There’s a level of convenience with this feature as well; many times with the PS4 I will be deeply engrossed into an 8 hour binge of an RPG, finally getting somewhere, when my wife will want to watch the TV and I stopped the game so she could do this.


Now when the TV is in use, I can easily undock the console and play handheld; I have already done this a few times on Breath of the Wild, and I have to say, it really is a revelation that may very well change how I play games forever.

My main issue going into buying the Switch for the handheld functions was the idea of playing a dozen hour RPG on a handheld console used to fill me with dread – The very thought of using the Switch’s Joycons to try and pass through Anor Londo in Dark Souls, for example, made me feel literally sick to my stomach.

Yet, again, I was wrong. There’s something familiar and comfortable with the Switch’s undocked mode that I just can’t quite put my finger on. Currently my favourite thing to do in the evenings once I get home from work is to crawl into bed, put on something funny (Usually the IT Crowd; not going to lie) and play either Breath of the Wild or Hollow Knight.

So I leave you with this: Cast all apsersions aside and treat yourself (Or get your wife to) to a Switch – I promise you will not regret it.