We’re back with yet another instalment of Respawning’s Let’s Talk series, where every Friday we get every one of our charismatic writers together to discuss a new topic! This week Nintendo announced the upcoming release of the Switch Lite – A Switch that acts only as a handheld version of the popular console. With a drop from $299 RRP for the normal console to $199 for this handheld only version we ask – Is it worth it? Are we interested in the discounted version of the Switch? Let’s find out…

Will J

The Switch Lite is a fine thing. I love my switch; I play Smash Bros with my homies, I play Hollow Knight while I take a dump. Versatility!

But if there’s one feature I rarely use; TV docking. Frankly, the screen on the switch is big enough to play any game on easily, and I’d rather play while laid back on my bed than interrupt my whole family and use the TV.

And so, the Switch Lite is just the thing for people like me. Just like the 2DS was, it’s a more budget-friendly alternative for people that don’t particularly care for the switch’s main gimmick and just want to keep up with core Nintendo titles. Better for kids, too- since the Joy-Cons aren’t prone to snapping off, as mind feel like they could if I were too rough with the system.

If I didn’t have a switch already, this may have been when I put some money aside.


I don’t own a Nintendo Switch yet, but when I get one I’m still going to get the original model. The Switch Lite does look good and I get why it exists, but I still think the majority of people will gravitate towards the dockable version. I only play the Pokemon games on my 3DS, I did buy others but then never got round to them, and I was planning on buying a Switch this year for Pokemon Shield.

…However after seeing the footage they’ve released so far and what the new Pokemon are like, I think I’ll let this game pass me by and wait and see if the next game looks good enough to justify buying a whole new console for. Also, it launches on the same day as Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and that game takes absolute priority!


Ah, Nintendo, the family friendly producer of all sorts of well-known titles. Now I myself haven’t yet gotten my hands on a Switch, but I am saving up for one. I don’t know what variant I’ll get just yet. But now the Nintendo Switch Lite is a thing? So like, Switch slim? Nintendo 2DS? Consoles man, they’re like IPhone’s, a new version every year. I reckon it’ll be a good selling console, but I think I’ll just stick with the regular for now.


I haven’t owned a sit-down Nintendo console in my life. I jumped into gaming with an original PlayStation and went from there, but handhelds? That’s a whole different story. I’ve had a Gameboy, Gameboy Colour, Gameboy Advance, DS, DSi and 3DS! I love the pick up and play fun of a Nintendo handheld. The Switch – while being portable – still felt like a home console overall to me so I didn’t have much interest in owning it. With the announcement of the Lite however I’m suddenly more curious. I can see myself actually using that day-to-day and getting way more than my moneys worth from it while the PS4 remains my go to home console! I guess we’ll wait and see how I feel come release day but for now I only have one question… Does it come in black?


Whilst I can appreciate the the Nintendo Switch Lite is going to be a fantastic option for budget or younger gamers, for me personally, I just can’t rationalise selling my existing Nintendo Switch just to get an inferior version. Perhaps if I hadn’t purchased my Switch already, then I would be more compelled, however as it stands now? Nah. I’m fine thanks.


I’m not going to lie, I’ve wanted a switch for a while. Will this be enough to convince me to make that leap? Probably not… Not yet anyway. My main issue is that if I’m going to splash the cash for a new console it’s not going to be for a ‘lite’ version which is missing half the features. It’s the same reason I wouldn’t even look at the discless Xbox One. If I’m breaking the bank for a new console, I’m going all the way.


Whilst I will not be rushing out to buy a Switch Lite, I can see the appeal of the design and the reasoning behind Nintendo launching it. I think we can look back to the reasonable succss of the 2DS as an indicator for the demand of this kind of product. Having a cheaper and smaller entry level device allows those on a budget to access switch games. Whilst it is a regression in features, handheld camers may find the smaller size much more comfortable for on the go gaming. I think it is a shame that the docking feature isn’t available, but again this may be appealing to existing switch owners who want a console for out and about and to the handheld gaming lovers out there. The designs are nice and bright and colourful and I think the fixed joycons are a great idea for robustness… As those whose switch controllers that don’t lock properly due to wear over time will know… Your JoyCon slipping out mid game and your screen taking a plunge can be super annoying.


I think the Switch Lite is an ok idea, in that it allows families with small children to access the console at a cheaper price. But I’m not sure it’d really be worth it to other groups. The Switch is a great portable device, but also a neat home console: it’s good to be able to hook it up to a TV and play, especially in multiplayer situations which the Lite would miss out on greatly. The screen is smaller, the joycons are fused to the console, so the only other thing it really has going for it beyond price is a slightly better battery, and 20-30% still isn’t great for a portable console. So it seems better to save up and get a proper Switch if you want to really utilise what the console has to offer.

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