I’m very much into the Smash hype cycle right now. I’ve been playing Smash 4 and even some melee in anticipation of Ultimate. When it comes to a new Smash game there’s one thing you can expect, that’s new fighters. The idea behind smash fighters is that they are characters who are a part of video game history. What once started out with Nintendo characters expanded to contain Solid Snake, Sonic and Cloud. With the cast of fighters expanding every entry certain fans start to make demands. Ultimate is already a huge game and since the announcement in March we have seen 8 (Including Echo fighters) new characters you can play as. This hasn’t stopped fans from making some pretty outlandish requests for characters. I myself also have some characters I would love to see and some I’m sure we are more likely to. Let’s start off with my personal wish-list and how they could work in the game.


Let’s kick this off with a new Pokemon request. I know there’s a lot of Pokemon in this game but it is one of Nintendo’s largest franchises. Decidueye is a gen 8 Pokemon who made his debut in Sun and Moon. It is well within reason that Nintendo would want a Pokemon from the latest generation to be a playable fighter. Especially since we know the next main entry will be making waves next year. Decidueye has potential to be a mix of a few different characters. Most obviously at first would be his bow and arrow which could be his B attack. He’d also have more flying capabilities like Charizard while being a much faster on the ground. I’m picturing a very fast and aggressive side B similar to Marth with grass attacks. Being a ghost type also opens up new animation possibilities with his specific moves. He’s my Pokemon of choice for sure.

Isabelle ᵋ

Now I never said my wishlist would be realistic at the same time. Animal Crossing currently has only one rep through Villager. I like to think this series deserves more so I really want to see an echo fighter at the least. The existing move-set for Villager is already easy enough to work for Isabelle and she’d be super fun to play as. I know there’s some people who argue that she’s too pacifist to be a fighter. However I know she’d actually be pretty proud to represent her series. Especially since she has become the face of the series since her inception in New Leaf. The sad truth is that she is within the game as an assist trophy already in Smash 4 which makes her being a fighter kind of unlikely. I just think she’d be neat which is why she’s on my list.

Crash Bandicoot

When it comes to video game icons nothing screams out more for me than Crash. Crash became the mascot for the Playstation back on the PS1. Crash makes a lot of sense to introduce now with the N Sane Trilogy making waves last year and in fact being released on the Switch in June. He’s also got some unique moves that could be played around with to make some interesting fights. Notably his spin attack and slide make for some agile and quick moves to throw out. I’m also thinking something to do with Aku-Aku being a unique mechanic. Almost like a counter or partner fighter. Similar to how Rosalina works. Then something to do with TNT or NITRO on his down B to make things spicy makes him a good contender for Smash.

Skull Kid

Skull Kid is still one of the creepiest characters from Nintendo. But I love him so much. Anyone that knows me out there knows I’ll jump at anything Zelda related. I think we have a good pool of Zelda characters at the moment, but with 3 Link’s I think there’s room for variety. In the latest direct we saw an assist trophy showing off the Moon from Majoras mask which get me excited about the possibility of having an actual fighter. Unlike the other Zelda reps Skull Kid is very floaty, almost like Mew Two. Allowing him to have more going on in the air and animation wise. His moves and animations would all be very erratic and exciting to play with. His attacks and aerials would all be very hit based with magical elements creeping through. It also opens up the ability to use Tatl and Tael to enhance his move set and entire playstyle.


Speaking of Zelda for the love of god Nintendo just give me Tetra. Wind Waker is one of my favourite games hands down. Tetra is also one of the coolest characters to be introduced into the series. At first I was debating between Toon Zelda with Tetra as en echo fighter. However I think that both characters work too differently to be echo’s. Then expanding this Tetra is the definitive version of Zelda from Wind Waker so it’s only fair that she be the rep. Using her pirate style could make for some pretty interesting moves, in a way she could actually work as a Toon Link echo more than a zelda. Using bombs and swords is very much Tetras style. While I see this one being one of the less likely characters, it’s still one I would love to see.


Let’s be real for a minute. The amount of attention certain characters are getting this time is crazy. King K Rool and Ridley were on that list and look how that turned out. I very much believe that some of these characters could well end up being announced. That list consists of:

  • Isaac (Golden Sun): This guy has been on everyone’s mind for years now and the rumour-mill heavily suggests he will be making his debut.
  • Shadow ᵋ (Sonic the Hedgehog): One of the more obvious choices for an echo fighter. Shadow is one of the edgiest game characters who would be amazing to see
  • Skull Kid (Majora’s Mask): While also being on my wishlist, Skull Kid has been heavily implied to be the next announced character, one I really hope for.
  • Rex (Xenoblade Chronicles 2): I think with the release of the game last year it’s likely that we’re due another Xenoblade rep and Rex is the one that jumps out right now.
  • Geno (Mario): Geno is a very unique character who has also been on everyone’s mind for an exciting new character. I was shocked with the amount of demand for him.

What are your personal wants and hopes for Smash Ultimate? Let us know and I hope to see you online in December!

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