Earlier today, the official Nintendo channel released a video detailing the upcoming content for Smash – it’s embedded below, for your convenience.

First of all, the render of Joker looks amazing! And his unique Persona mechanic – which also gives access to a parry/reflect mechanic – is pretty inventive, too! It seems he’ll be a mix of range and close combat, with a focus on the later. Using-All Out Attack as his Final Smash was an obvious, but still very neat, choice. Momentos is a much welcome addition to the game as well, what with the cast cameos and the visual shifts depending on the song playing – and it’s awesome to hear stuff from Persona 5, 4 and 3!

The Mii Fighter costumes are a neat addition, providing a dirth of Persona and Sonic outfits, is a welcome reveal – it’s nice to be able to deck out your Mii Fighters in more stuff!

And whilst the previous content is DLC, the Stage Builder is an entirely free update – and it looks so incredibly versatile! Moving objects, and layers? What a step up!

The addition of a basic video editor to the title is also pretty neat. There’ll no doubt be a lot of memes on the new Shared Content (which also includes the ability to download stages or Mii fighters).

This update, overall, is looking pretty great!