Earthnight is a 2D side scrolling, auto-runner arcade game based in a dystopian future where dragons have taken over the world. Humans have given up and fled to space, our hero’s are Sydney and Stanley who still have the drive to fight for their home.

Stanley armed with his sword and Sydney with an ancient dragon spirit will skydive down towards earth from space, taking down as many dragons on their way as possible. As you free fall to earth you will need to collect the teeth from the dragons you have slain, in order to unlock power ups, once you have unlocked these power-ups you will need to continue collecting teeth along with dragons eggs and the abundance of random stuff which can be found on the backs of the dragons you fight, these power ups are important as they will extend your survivability which will aid you in the games mission to slay all the dragons and make it back to earth.

There are different colour dragons and each one comes with its own challenges and rewards. On each of the dragons backs there are mountains of random stuff like guitars and teddy bears along with smaller dragons, dragon eggs and enemies that can bring you to the ultimate demise. You need to try and collect as much stuff as possible on your way to the dragons head but if you get hit by an enemy you will lose some of the stuff you are carrying, the more stuff you can collect the more upgrades you can do.

This game feels and handles like a classical arcade game, even the soundtrack gives off the feeling you should be playing this is a retro arcade somewhere. There is a lot to this game but it is very simple, kill as many dragons as you can till your health runs out, earn power-ups, upgrades and repeat.

It’s a ‘learning as you go’ game and there is very little in the ways of tutorials but I like it that way it’s not complex and therefore it does not need complex instructions.

The load screen for each character explains their controls and the shop aboard the ship tells you of the upgrades, power up and the need for the piles random stuff all over the dragons backs. I would say that the game could be a bit more clear on who the power ups apply to. Other than that I would highly recommend Eathnight especially if you like games you can pick up, and play at any time without having to think what was I doing or what did I do last to understand the story.

Because it’s a good game for entertainment. I give Earthnight a:

8.0 / 10

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