This post will, of course, have major Pokemon Sword and Shield spoilers, so consider yourself warned.

Earlier today, a leak of the supposed Galar Dex hit the internet. The Galar Dex – a much more limited version of the Pokedex than we’re used to seeing in games – has been a source of controversy for the upcoming Pokemon game, with many fearing that thier favourite Pokemon won’t be in the title.

And if this leak is to be believed, it seems many were right to be concerned – it seems like around half of the Poke population won’t be allowed in the region. A list – compiled by Joseki of ResetEra – shows that there’s some eyebrow raising exlcusions: No Bulbarsaur or Squirtle evo lines, most Gen 1 Pokemon are out, and even recently added Meltan and Melmetal didn’t get a pass.

Here’s a link to the full list. Keep in mind though that this is in no-way confirmed, and is to be taken with a large dose of salt until Game Freak makes a comment.

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