The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is most likely one of my favourite games this generation… So when people ask me what I’d like to see in it’s sequel, I get flooded with ideas! Here are but a few of them…

1) Time Travel

…Bare with me here; I’ve recently seen an excellent theory on YouTube by NintendoBlackCrisis (Who is an excellent Zelda theorist honestly… Subscribe to them!) about how time travel is the key to BOTW2; using the trailer, they’ve pieced together an excellent theory that Link and Zelda are in a pre-Calamity Ganon Hyrule.

Credit to NintendoBlackCrisis for the above video – Check them out here!

…No Sheikah technology, no Shrines, no Towers… An intact Hyrule Castle and no Divine Beasts! It’s an excellent theory and you really should check it out!

2) Actual Ganondorf

…Not Ganon, or Beast Ganon, or Calamity Ganon! Fully restored Ganondorf! This is really what I feel was missing from BOTW; I remembered fighting off the final Ganon incarnation and just thinking… Oh… Is that it?! It felt flat at the time, as the fight was all together too easy – It kicked you in the teeth because you didn’t really need the Divine Beasts or the Master Sword or the memories… It just didn’t feel like the ultimate fight we were promised… Just another Ganon Blight, which it essentially was.

It just didn’t feel like the end! And now we know it wasn’t!

3) Smarter dungeons

Out of everything I loved about the previous games, the toughness and the ingenuity of the puzzles was what I felt was missing from BOTW… I mean sure, we got so much more in terms of world scale, but I don’t think the Divine Beasts live up to dungeons past… And I know we got all the Shrines, but personally I felt like the Divine Beasts were all a bit samey. I’d like something clever, and I mean like… Shutting your DS to transfer the map mark clever!

4) Cooking, but better!

I want cooking actual recipes to be more rewarding than just shoving five of the same hearty foods in the pot and then just not bothering with anything else. I loved the idea of making recipes, but the reward was just not there other than pure curiosity. I found that as soon as I realised I may as well shove meat on a skewer to sell and chuck hearty stuff in to eat, I just didn’t engage in the cooking anymore! 

5) Keep the Koroks!

I love the Koroks! I don’t mind that they’re overabundant, and I don’t mind that you get a golden poop for completing it! Just give me more Koroks!

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