Thanks to the Pokemon Company, we were invited to attend the Pokemon Trading Card Game’s Sun and Moon expansion set prerelease tournament (Try saying that two-times as fast)! Hosted in The Astronomer’s Hubble Room up in London, Liverpool Street, around 20 people invited were able to come and try out the new, unreleased set, the brand new GX cards, and, of course, the cards of all the new Alolan Pokemon!

Our evening started off with an introduction to the new set, being gifted our choice of one of three theme decks, Forest Shadow (Featuring Decidueye and predominately Grass and Normal Types), Bright Tide (Featuring Primarina and predominately Water and Electric Types), and Roaring Heat (Featuring Incineroar and predominately Fire and Fighting Types).

We also were given three booster packs per person, which each contained 10 new cards, allowing for a degree of randomness to the Tournament, letting some players get some especially…Amazing cards, such as Tauros GX, Espeon GX and Incineroar GX! Now, these new GX cards act to mimic the Z-Moves found in Pokemon Sun and Moon over on the 3DS, allowing the player to use one super-powerful move per battle, being either pure damage, deck destruction, support, amplification and more!

After some warm up matches…The tournament began – Being a knockout format, players were tested to compete against one another until only one remained…The winner would take home a Plushie of their choice, the two Theme Decks they didn’t initially choose, a Deck Holder Box, a Solgaleo GX / Lunala GX box with an oversized card, a Pokemon 2017 Calendar, and a healthy collection of booster packs! Second place would win the last GX Box, another Plushie, the two Theme Decks they didn’t choose, and a few less packs, as well as a Deck Holder Box, and 3rd place simply won the last Plushie, a few packs, and (Since we asked nicely after coming 3rd, much appreciated!!) the two Theme Decks they didn’t choose.

Now, you’re going to be disappointed in me.

I came joint last.

Yes, yes, I know! After a close 1v1 match, and after using my precious Decidueye for a suicide-double-kill, I was bested after drawing nothing but Pokemon, and no Energy! Such a disappointment after coming last the previous time as well! Next time I swear I’ll win…

…However Clarice, my partner, managed to claw her way up to Third Place, doing Team Respawning proud! Again congratulations!

Among the attendees, there were a large number of popular and/or famous guests too, including…:

If you’d like, go ahead and follow these guys!

It was awesome to meet each and every one of you guys! Seriously! We cannot wait to see you all (Hopefully) at the next event in May!

So that’s about it for our endeavours over at the Pokemon TCG Sun and Moon prerelease event…Not much, but it was most certainly one heck of an evening! Keep your eyes out for more event articles, coming your way over the coming months!