Yesterday, the ToHo Movie Company released a trailer for an upcoming Dragon Quest movie on their official YouTube channel. The reveal caught many off guard, as no-one was aware that such a movie was even being worked on prior to this release.

The film based off the 33 year old RPG series, officially titled Dragon Quest: Your Story, appears to be a high-quality CGI animation. The trailer depicts a boy travelling through a variety of envrionments, alongside his companions – a sabretooth tiger and a blue slime. The group fights monsters against a backdrop of epic music, followed by snippets of their adventure, narrated by other characters.

The film is set to release in Japanese theatres in August. If the title is like ToHo’s other works, such as the Detective Conan movies, it is unlikely to get broader theatrical release. Even still, the complete lack of acknowledgement of the movie from any other source is headscratching – there’s nothing on ToHo’s Twitter, nor word from Dragon Quest social media, or Square Enix. If the trailer was accidentally revealed too soon, best watch it quick – it’s embedded below.