Earlier today, Nintendo released the 2019 Spring Nindies Showcase on its YouTube channel. The showcase announced a plethora of titles coming to the Switch, including Cuphead, the Stranger Things 3 Game, a Crypt of the Necrodancer Zelda franchise tie-in, and others. The showcase video may be found at the end of the article.

The showcase started off strong by revealing the platformer, Cuphead, was coming to the console. Created by Studio MDHR, the title is highly acclaimed both for it’s gorgeous, 30’s cartoon era animation style, as well as its difficult and fast-paced gameplay. Players control one of two cup men in various environments, trying to save their souls from the Devil by repossessing others instead. The gameplay is primarily focused on a series of well realised boss fights, with some optional and more traditional platforming stages here and there. The title’s publication on the Switch will be handled by Microsoft, and the title will debut on April 18th (although it’s available for pre-order now). In addition, a patch adding in fully animated cutscenes, better localisation, and character selection will go live to all platforms on that date.

The showcase, presided over by Nintendo management Kirk Scott and Katie Casper, continued with Overland, a post-apocalyptic strategy game by the creator of Canabalt. Overland is a turn-based strategy title, with increasing difficulty, randomly generated characters, and live-or-die decision making. It releases in the Fall.

My Friend Pedro – a console exclusive – is a run-and-gunner with particular dfocus on acrobatic movement and physics interaction. Published by Devolver Digital, this title puts you in the body of a man out to destroy all in his path at the behest of his sapient, floating banana friend, Pedro. This title releases in June.

Neo Cab, created by Fellow Traveller, is a unique survival game, heavy with choices. You take the role of the last human ride-share driver in a future California city that’s all but completely automated. You must balance your income, app rating, and emotional state as best as possible, so that you might survive another day, and try to reunite with your friend, Savy – a woman on the run from the Capra mega-corp for unknown reasons. Interact with a variety of passengers, many with their own storylines that may impact your search, and your future. This title released this Summer.

Lindsay Rostal, of Timberline Studios, next appeared to talk about their upcoming and debut title, The Red Lantern. Based on the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, you take the role of a novice musher who wants to make something of themselves. The title is a story-based adventure, with rogue-like elements – over a hundred different events may occur during your race, and you must tend to yourself and your dogs in order to survive. The title takes advantage of the Switch’s gyroscope, allowing players in Handheld mode to look around their world by moving the console. The title releases later this year.

A port of Acid Wizard Studio’s title, Darkwood, will also be releasing on the Switch in May – the title is a top-down survival horror set in a remote, increasingly dangerous part of the Soviet Union. With a day-night cycle, and no linearity guiding your path, the forest and its secrets are there…for the brave.

Another title published by Devolver Digital, Katana Zero is a pixel-graphic, 2D platformer focused on fast-paced action with the deadly promise of one hit meaning instant death. You take on the role of an assassin, able to slow down time and use precognition to his benefit, who can slice through a variety of realised environments with ease. Reflect bullets and perform amazing acrobatic feats, but be careful – one bullet means you’re starting that level over. Learn from your mistakes, and press onwards to the night’s target. This title releases April 18th.

Lee Petty of Double Fine introduces the next title, thier upcoming game, Rad. Rad is a neon-slathered, 80’s post-apocalyptic inspired action title, where you take control of a survivor who is completely irradiated. Fight a variety of strange and vicious monsters, and slowly evolve strange new powers – like your head turning into a snake, boomerang arms, or the ability to lay little spider clones of yourself, all whilst leaving flowers in your wake! Not much else is known about this title just yet, but its releasing Summer of this year – expect a follow up on this one.

The next title, Flight School’s Creature in the Well, is a 3D action RPG, pinball hybrid. With a strange monster trapping your town in an unending sandstorm, it is your job as the only free engineer to race up the complicated, ancient weather machine near your town, and use it to save your home. Energy orbs ricochet around levels, and you must attack them with one of over 15 weapons to solve puzzles and make your way further into the mysterious complex that encompasses 8 dungeons. This title drops in this summer.

Bloodroots, by Paper Cult, is a fast-paced, chaotic action title that places emphasis on improvisation and combos. As Mr. Wolf, a loner with a wolf on his head, you must exact revenge on those who left you to die in the middle of the unforgiving American West. Slash, smash, cut, and bash your way through everything and everyone, wrecking as much chaos on your quest for revenge. This title crashes onto the eStore this summer.

Twirlbound’s Pine is a 3rd Person, open-world adventure title, set in a primal fantasy setting. A lone human in a world of anthros, you must navigate the various factions to survive. Explore 6 different biomes across miles of terrain, shooting, slashing, and scavenging as you go. It’s your choice what sort of bonds you forge with this world’s peoples – just know that your choices carry weight, and expectations. Pine releases this August.

Vlambeer titles Super Crate Box and Nuclear Throne were also announced for the system. Super Crate Box, the arcade platformer, will feature a system-unique feature: Multiplayer! Nuclear Throne – the 2D, overhead shoot-em-up – will also feature multiplayer. In addition, Vlambeer has announced an ongoing project called Vlambeer Arcade – a series of bite-sized titles that’ll be constantly added to, for short, arcade fun. The project will debut with a new title, Ultra Bugs: A space-shooter where players can use enemy DNA to change their ship. Nuclear Throne is out now, with Super Crate Boy coming out in April; Vlambeer Arcade will launch later this year.

SwimSanity, by Decoy Games, will release later this summer. A 2D shooter based entirely underwater, this title features single and multiplayer combat. Players can beat 150 challenges across 8 game modes (5 of which are versus), and 5 worlds to battle through in the game’s Adventure mode.

Sunsoft’s original NES title, Blaster Master, is finally getting some love almost 30 years later – with not one, but two games! Blaster Master Zero, first released in 2017, allows players to explore a huge 2D stages with a variety of wonders and hazards. The G-Sophia Battle Tank allows players to equip a variety of sub-weapons, and channel fall damage into SP to use (if timed right)! On foot, Jason may counter enemy attacks which, if timed correctly, can be chained into multiple attacks! The new title, Blaster Master Zero 2, takes the fight to space, allowing Jason to explore a variety of planets, meeting various other Battle Tank pilots. Time will tell if this zany cast will become Jason’s friend, or foe. Both titles are available right now.

Up next came Bonus XP and Netflix’s Stranger Things 3: The Game. A retro-style adventure game, with graphics similar to, say Zombies Ate My Neighbours! or Theme Hospital, players are able to explore and expand upon the events of the TV show’s third season. Utilising combat and solving puzzles, players can explore the town of Hawkins, Indiana as one of twelve possible characters. This title debuts the same day as the show’s third season – July 4th.

To finish off the showcase, Kirk and Katie revealed that Nintendo would be having a sale on indie titles within the eShop. One, final title was also revealed: A crossover between Crypt of the Necrodancer, and the Legend of Zelda franchise! Candace of Hyrule will feature rythmic, rogue-like gameplay similar to Crypt of the Necrodancer, with a brand new coat of paint. Candace, Link, and Zelda must dance and battle across Hyrule, to defeat the evil Ganondorf once more. Now these are the sorts of crossovers we can only hope to see more of!

The entire Nindie Showcase may be found below. What’s caught your eye? Any particular Nintendo and Indie crossovers you’d like to see? Let us know in the comments below!