Well the inevitable has happened and The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of *coughcoughspluttersplutter* has been Delayed again…this time into 2023.

Are you at all surprised though? I mean really are you? look at Nintendo in the last 5 years, they announced Metroid Prime 4 4 years ago and we have seen literally fuck all since, they announce Bayonetta 3 and gave us a teaser trailer last year after 2 years of waiting…we still have no official title for Breath of the Wild 2 (personally I think it should be called return to the sky) the game it’s self has been delayed multiple times already and and it’s not a terrible thing…frustrating but not terrible. but what is one more year for a game that has a huge task in following up what was quite possibly the greatest Zelda game of all time (not my favourite that’s link awakening and a link to the past) in Breath of The Wild, It out sold every Zelda game it has a huge following and people are still buying it and playing it (myself included). So THE BIG N are going to make sure that this follow up holds up the hype, plus you never know they may be adding all sorts of crazy shit like multiplayer or and I really want this, a playable Zelda…like fully playable from beginning to end, that would be awesome

Look I know it sucks and I too am disappointed but I am in no way surprised by this. Tell us how you feel about this delay, are you shocked? Pissed off? Actually happy about it? I dunno guys you tell me. Any way have a great day and be nice to each other.

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