Normally we here at Respawning don’t like to dwell much on rumour, however with a recent claim from Twitter user Marcus Sellars that Bandai Namco is, on December 15th, to announce 5 brand new, previously unannounced titles alongside a big Nintendo presence, we just couldn’t pass it up!

This follows Bandai Namco’s recent announcement that they’d be showcasing 3 new titles ‘soon’, possibly meaning before the turn of the New Year, possibly after; followed up with their supposed tease of a brand new My Hero Academia game (Visible at, referencing directly a metaphor introduced at the start of the popular manga & anime franchise, where the titular protagonist Izuku Midoriya’s out-of-control Quirk (Ability), One for All, is seen as an egg exploding in a microwave – In order to contain his powers, Izuku is required to visualise his power, One for All (Referenced by the status of the egg) not exploding under the intense microwaves and heat inflicted upon it. It’s such a bizarre reference that, for it not to be a direct reference to the metaphor in My Hero Academia, would be something totally unprecedented….

Given as well that Bandai Namco have a lot of different franchises riding underneath their belt as a publisher that could be due a new adaptation or remaster; the Tales franchise, Naruto titles, .hack, Soul Calibur titles, Dark Souls titles, and, most notably (In my personal opinion), the license to produce JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure games; given the franchise is nearing the end of it’s 30th anniversary at the end of the year, now would be the perfect time to focus on the ‘future’ of JoJo games!

In all reality, we have no idea if this is accurate, or even if Bandai Namco are planning a large set of reveals for the end of the year – Only time will tell. The prospect, however, no matter how you spin it certainly is exciting to imagine! If this turns out to be true, what games do you think would be announced? Tales ports to the Nintendo Switch? Soul Calibur VI? Dark Souls ports? A new 2D / 2.5D / 3D JoJo fighting game? Let us know in the comments below!!