Shigeru Miyamoto made a surprise appearance at today’s Apple Keynote conference, announcing a new collaboration between Apple and Nintendo, being Nintendo’s first in-house developed iOS App, Super Mario Run; the game, designed to be played with one finger, and comes prepackaged with three unique game modes:


Course Mode: Tackle various courses from Super Mario Bros’ by controlling Mario with one finger!
Ghost Mode: Race against other player’s data to see who can achieve the best time!
A supposed Level Creator Mode: By using coins collected through the above two modes, players can create their own “Mushroom Kingdom”.


It has been confirmed that microtransactions will be in the game, but to what extent is unknown.

What do you think of Nintendo’s first leap into App Games? What franchises will be next? What games would you like to see in this format? Let us know below!


*Credit to Wario64 on Twitter for the images!