Here’s all we learned during today’s Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s direct. As always, a link to the direct itself can be found at the conclusion of the article. The game itself launches this March.

The stream was seperated in three parts: Part One covered what has already been revealed, Part Two had new info, and Part Three answered common questions.

Part One iterated that players could choose which of four randomly generated islands to live on, and whether to be in the Northern or Southern hemisphere – both a first for the series.

The activity focus changes with each season, and you choose where you want to set up – and you can help villagers pick where they can, too!

The Resident Service tent offers information, and acts as a 24 hour store. You can craft here, and learn new crafting recipes, too!

Materials for recipes are gathered by interacting with the world – chopping trees, mining stone, and plucking foragables! Custom furniture, and custom patterns, are available.

The Airport allows for island visitation, 24/7. Up to 8 players can play on an island at any one time. The airport also replaces the traditional post office.

The NookPhone – a free phone players get when landing on the island – has various apps, allowing for camera, communication, and inventory management. Doing things on the island also builds up ‘Nook Miles’, allowing you to earn in game rewards.

Extra characters will be drawn to your island from time to time; you can find Wisp at night, and Gulliver will show up on the shore sooner or later. If you yourself get lost, you can be teleported home by the rescue service!

A new camera mode allows you to redecorate your tent, or house, with ease – and moving furniture around is a lot more intuitive than the ‘drop and hope’ of previous games.

Players can use Nook Miles to travel to other deserted islands; these islands are random, and can have any sort of items – and people!

An island with multiple villagers can have up to four players exploring at once, using what’s called ‘Party Play’. Any items found by summoned followers are deposited in a recycle box at the Resident Sevice building.

NookLink – an addition to the Nintendo Switch Smartphone App – allows for easier sharing of patterns, and general fan communication. It’ll launch shortly after the game.

Part Two started covering the fact that extra villagers can be invited to the island, if you want – you have to reserve space for them first, though. Additionally, the museum, DIY store, clothing stores, and campsite returns.

Travelling merchants and visiting animals can appear on your island, and tournaments return as well.

For the first time, you can build bridges and slopes wherever you want on the island. You will also get the option to make a variety of different paths! And, again for the first time, you can reshape the island itself, via basic landscaping tools – make rivers, cliffs, beaches, or remove them!

Part Three covered various questions. One console can only have 8 resident, and must use the same island.

The series supports Amiibo, and Amiibo cards. You can also create a photo shoot with some characters.

You can communicate with non-friends using special, temporary codes. These guests won’t be able to use tools, to ensure no griefing.

Whilst there is no cloud support, the developers are launching a special save file recovery service in its stead.

The first free update will be on launch day, which adds in Bunny Day – the game’s analogous Easter holiday. As such, it appears that seasonal events won’t be in the game at launch, making time travel cheating less useful.

What do you think? Is this the best Animal Crossing yet, or are you wanting more? Let us know in the comments below!