Whilst fans were thrilled to learn about the Zeraora raid battle event, currently live in Pokemon Sword and Shield, most understood that whilst they couldn’t catch the one they battled, they would get a shiny version of the Pokemon after the even ends on the 28th (assuming 1,000,000 players defeated Zeraora).

But what the Pokemon Company failed to clarify in its recent presentation is that that wasn’t all you needed to do to get the shiny Zeraora. Fine print in advertisement for the event has revealed an extra condition: Players must have transferred a Pokemon between their copy of Sword/Shield and Pokemon HOME during the event period to receive their mythical Pokemon.

Whilst Pokemon HOME is a microtransaction-laden ‘free’ app for the Switch (yes, transferring Pokemon to the games is free), the relative obscurity of this requirement is sure to leave some trainers disappointed at the end of the month. But now you, reader, don’t have to suffer that fate.

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