The past few days, people have speculated that something was coming for Undertale, but now we know for certain – and the surprise is the announcement of a sequel to the smash-hit indie title! Or, uh, it’s possible release, even!

Minutes ago, Toby Fox – Undertale’s developer – utilised the official Undertale Twitter to plug a particular website:

Going to the website provides players a series of warnings, including one not to discuss the title for 24 hours for public safety (Er, ignore this article, then!) and a link to a downloadable ‘Survey’. Executing it brings up…this during the install.

I’m sure everything’s fine. When the game boots, you begin communication with a familiar looking red heart (perhaps Frisk’s soul?), which asks you if you’re connected. Upon confirmation, you are then prompted to select and head, torso and leg combo that ‘you prefer’ to create ‘a vessel’.

Upon accepting the creation, you are then to shape it’s mind to match your own, via a series of questions. Some have…interesting answers you can pick.

Then, once you have completed the questionaire, and told the heart its name and your own name…something happens, which I don’t wish to spoil, but very much fits in with Undertale’s thematics.

And you are brought to this scene, with a very familiar character indeed.

You then explore Toriel’s home as this character. I searched around, and noticed – curiously – that my chosen favourite colour of crayon, Green, was missing. You then get to school and get bullied a bit.

I really, really don’t want to spoil any more, but let’s just say you might get the first impression this is going to be some School Sim spin off, but..

You’d be dead wrong about that. Head on over to the site, and download this amazing revelation! It’s, um…uncertain if this is a demo, or a full game, though. It seems very long for a demo if it’s that, though…hmm…