If you’ve been living under a rock for a while you might have missed that everyone’s favourite movie murder victim Sean Bean is Hitman 2’s first “Elusive Target” fittingly titled the undying.

So we can all agree killing a famous person in a video game is as fun as killing anything else in a video game. What isn’t as fun is looking like you’re threatening a celebrity in real life! So when twitter user TheFatConsoler (amazing name) took to the site to tell the world of his digitally violent intentions the blue bird gang took it a wee bit seriously and gave him a near immediate ban.

Now not long long after he was gone the ban was lifted either due to some grovelling from him or the fairly large outpouring of support from the gaming community. Whatever the case the lesson to take away from this is think before you post and DON’T THREATEN SOMEONE ONLINE EVEN AS A JOKE!!!!

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