To celebrate the launch of ‘Shadow of the Tomb Raider’, Square Enix was recently running a competition through their Twitch channel- and the £20,000 prize has finally been claimed.

Around 500,000 people reportedly participated in the competition in some way, with clues left through Eidos Montreal’s live streams to help locate a golden dagger, which was hidden somewhere in the UK.

” A golden dagger – pictured here with official UK cosplay ambassador Jade Sura – was hidden somewhere in the United Kingdom, with Tomb Raider® themed puzzles playing live on online streaming platforms providing hints and clues to its whereabouts.”

It was yesterday (Thursday 13th September 2018) at 11am that the dagger’s location was finally discovered- in ‘fruit.seriously.dressings‘, a vacant shop on Stony Stratford High Street in Milton Keynes.

The lucky winner was Nick Harris, who travelled from nearby Bedford to find the dagger and claim the £20k grand prize. When asked how the competition was, Nick simply replied that he was “Gobsmacked”, and that he planned to spend the money taking himself and his wife on a trip to Peru, where ‘Shadows of the Tomb Raider’ takes place.

Congratulations to Nick, we wish him all the best on his trip!