Well another week, another issue of my bi-weekly news round-up. Keeping you all informed on what’s been going on in the video game market and offering my own personal two cents.

Activision hit hard

So, Modern Warfare is around the corner and oh boy is it a mess right now. Activision really has only one property that rakes in the big bucks – So of course it has to have lootboxes; we’ve covered this before, with various YouTubers confirming via twitter and other social media sights that yes. Modern Warfare is going to be riddled with pay to win features and lootbox mechanics. In reply to this, Infinity Ward – the developers of Call of Duty Modern Warfare – slammed back, basically stating that people should ‘ignore the rumours’ and only trust officially published and released information, from Infinity Ward and Activision alone.

“There are some announcements that have come up this week that are official and some that are rumors. My ask of all of you is to focus on information that is actually fact and not get thrown off by ill informed people that want to make a name for themselves by spreading half baked inflammatory rumors. Lets work real problems together and not fairy tales of boogeymen.”

Credit to u/artpeasant, Infinity Ward staff member, over on Reddit for the above quote; full source here: https://www.reddit.com/r/modernwarfare/comments/d9mbas/a_developers_pov/?st=k1pffi6z&sh=cca0395a

If Activision wants that sort of trust, maybe they should stop lying and belittling their fanbase. It doesn’t help that Modern Warfare pre-orders are apparently down by a significant degree, with fans on both sides of the fence being sceptical about Modern Warfare’s state of being. It’s pretty evident that Activision is being tight lipped with their monetization plans, but we’ve danced this dance one to many times and we all know their just waiting until after the reviews are out to slam the game full of predatory pay to win mechanics… And, well, Activision aren’t listening.

Battlefield, is it the end?

Well, what is there to say really? Fans continue to grow weary about the constant delays and cancelations about content and promised features. I guess it shows, but it is a free content game, instead of the usual season pass type affair. It is the first live service entry in the Battlefield series, I understand that Dice is trying to be trendy and experimenting with what was popular at the time, and still is. But, you can win every time. I don’t understand why people are so pissed off. So what, it’s not the best title or release in the franchise, at least the developers are still working on improving the game, instead of abandoning it. I see Battlefield 5 in my news feed every week, and it’s just the same stuff over and over. Is it dead? No not yet, just treading water. Personally I still enjoy Battlefield 5; I’ll keep playing it, even if content updates and features aren’t being added in as quickly as everyone else wants. It’s still a good game for what it is. 

Ghost Recon Breakpoint: A breaking point?

Oh boy… And good lord. I knew it, I god damn knew it. Ghost Recon Wildlands was, let’s be honest, a hot mess. Riddled with all the various things that irritate me and possibly hundreds of other people. I genuinely wanted to love the game and stick to it, but I just couldn’t. But boy did I call it with Breakpoint. Can anyone say greedy? Cause damn is Breakpoint greedy. You can buy pretty much everything, weapons, armour, clothing, emotes, camo, vehicles, premium currency, skill points, crafting materials, weapon upgrades, etc etc. Holy shit is it greedy. Ubisoft really is not listening to people; if the game continues as it means to go on, I can guarantee that there will be bullshit limited events that reward special weapons that are one time only things. Just like they did in Wildlands. 

That’s it for news this week; we’ve already covered the outrage and ongoing issues with Blizzard… Not a very meaty article this week, but do check out our other content and have a nice day.

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