Soulja Boy’s merchandise website has gone down, but not due to its dubious consoles.

Late yesterday, Soulja Boy’s merchandise website, Soulja Watch, went offline, with speculation it was the result of swift action from Nintendo or another publisher over Soulja’s console continuation. But the rapper himself clarified, putting the blame on an ex-cameraman with a grudge:

Soon after the tweet, Shopify support contacted the rapper about the situation.

As of writing, however, the site still remains offline. Various users have posted on the Shopify Support tweet, alerting them of Soulja’s dubious goods; although Shopify is not against the practice of drop shipping, its terms of service indicate that the seller must hold the intellectual rights to sell their products. “Shopify supports the protection of intellectual property and asks Shopify merchants to do the same.,” Their FAQ states. “It’s our policy to respond to all notices of alleged copyright infringement.”

As stated previously, Soulja Boy may lack these rights. Whether Shopify will investigate user’s claims is unknown; this article will be updated when – or if – Soulja’s site comes back online.