Soulja Boy just doesn’t stop cranking out that nonsense. On the 14th, he made a tweet asking fans to send him cash donations, promising the top donor would get a SouljaWatch and a ‘SouljaConsole’. He later called out Tyga and Kanye, boasting he had a video game console.

The donation requesting tweet reads as follows:

The console the ‘randomly selected’ highest donor will receive is, presumably, the SouljaGame Handheld.

The rapper also made a call out to Kanye and Tyga, according to VladTv, promoting the fact he owns a video game console. He claims that he has had a bigger comeback than Tyga, and in regards to Kanye, reportedly said the following: “The n***a that came out with Yeezys? N***a, I came out with a video game console! Kanye West ain’t never came out with no fucking video game console.”

We look forward to seeing you next time, when Soulja Boy inevitably releases yet another original console.