Against all odds, rapper Soulja Boy has returned to the video game industry with two ‘brand new’ consoles in stride. The addition of the consoles – knock offs of the PS Vita both called the ‘SouljaGame Handheld’ – were noticed on Soulja Boy’s merchandise website yesterday.

Descriptions on both products identifies their pre-rebrand names as the PVP3000 Game Console and MP5 Game Player. Both consoles come with charger and adapter, and boast amazing features such as a 2.8″ inch screen or 480 x 272 resolution, depending on the console iteration.

And whilst the MP5 Game Player iteration doesn’t ship with any games, the PVP3000 entry quietly mentions ‘built-in 100 different games’ and comes with a 888888 in 1 game card. Considering the product boasts the same description and advertises itself using Mario and Crash Bandicoot on other sites…it’s possible that at least some of those 8,888,888 titles in the SouljaGame Handheld might be unlicensed.


Example of SouljaGame Handheld description compared to similar product on a different website.

So either someone on the Soulja team just copy-pasted the description without editing it to reflect changes to the console, or the console is legitimately shipping like this. For Soulja’ sake, hopefully its not the later: Soulja Boy already exited the market once earlier this month, after backlash and a possible cease-and-desist in regards to his initial run of consoles.