The story was penned by Overwatch’s lead writer, Michael Chu.

Fans of ‘Overwatch’ were yesterday treated to a new short story centred around two of its most popular characters- the healing sniper Ana Amari and the In-your-face damage-dealer Jack Morrison, Aka ‘Soldier 76’.

During the comic, the two are shown looking at a photograph of a young Jack with another man, Vincent. It is confirmed that the two were lovers in their youth, but that it wasn’t to be- Jack says “Vincent deserved a happier life than the one I could give him.”

It was later double-confirmed by Michael Chu on twitter that Morrison is, indeed, gay.

The news comes just over 2 years after the 2016 Christmas Comic ‘Reflections’, which confirmed that Overwatch’s cover star, Lena Oxton Aka ‘Tracer‘ was revealed to live with her girlfriend Emily, meaning that of the Current overwatch roster of 29 heroes (30 if you count B.O.B), two are confirmed to be LGBT.

What great news!