Harebrained Schemes strategy RPG title, Shadowrun Returns, is available right now on the Humble Bundle website for a limited time. The promotion coincides with a sale of other Harebrained Schemes games on the site, including Shadowrun: Dragonfall and Shadowrun: Hong Kong.

Shadowrun Returns is a take on the classic pen and paper franchise, Shadowrun, created in the mid 80’s. The franchise takes place in the near-future, where the Mayan prophecy of 2012 took a different turn – the year heralded the return of magic and mythological creatures to the world, forcing society to adapt to what it previously thought impossible. And by the 2050’s, the fantastic is indeed just mundane – no-one blinks at the idea of an orcish janitor, or a dragon CEO. And this world of tomorrow is largely run by mega corps utilising military, magic, and corporate espionage to stay dominant. It’s a dystopian future, one where you fit in by working the system to your advantage as a mercenary for hire; as a Shadowrunner.

Shadowrun Returns is a spiritual successor to the SNES/Sega Shadowrun title, with some returning characters, but a new mystery to handle. Set in Seattle, you must take on an assortment of different jobs to survive, and compile a crew of loyal followers to help slice, shoot, and hack your way to your objective. There’s a serial killer on the loose, and a new religious sect is emerging downtown – the two are unrelated, or at least, appear to be, but your work will help you uncover a threat that puts the entire city at risk.

The Deluxe version includes the base game, the soundtrack (composed by those who handled the SNES and Sega game’s music), and an illustrated set of short stories written by the creator of the Shadowrun franchise.

A trailer of Shadowrun Returns may be found below.

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