Jagex’s iconic MMORPG that we all sank endless hours into is officially heading to mobile platforms in 2018. If you’re wondering about the old-school classic RuneScape, don’t worry – that’s coming this year too – that’s right, Winter 2017.

From the official announcement from the RuneScape team:

This is a mobile client for RuneScape – not a separate version of the game. The interfaces will be optimised for mobile, and there’ll be persistent cross-platform play with the desktop version.

That means you’ll log in with your existing account, continuing the adventures of the character you’ve spent so much time levelling. And of course, you can hop back onto the desktop client whenever you want.

This news has been met with warm reception from the gaming community; with several comments from reddit users echoing positive sentiments –

This is huge for me. I can’t justify spending time on Runescape on my PC when I have so much else to play but I can totally see myself collecting cowhides while laying an egg.

– /u/BigStupidJellyFishy

If you’ve never played it before in its glory days, don’t worry! The game still holds up and is probably one of the better theme park MMOs out there – and for phones, well there’s certainly no competition there. Check out the trailer of the latest expansion below if you’re curious to see some gameplay!

Stay tuned for more news regarding RuneScape.
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