My word this took me by surprise. Blizzard you sneaky fellows you really sprung this one on us.
For those who don’t know there has been a huge update announced for my favourite MOBA
Heroes of the Storm.

They are introducing new skins, loot chests, emotes, voice lines, announcers, flags, taunts, emojis,
currency, a battleground and more recently a new hero . I tried this out on the Beta server. I was
little over whelmed by all this new content. I am going to be honest I can’t afford to buy skins. I love
this game and want to support it. As a new player you can also drop in and pick a big bundle of
heroes quickly so don’t miss out log in and join the fun.
They also decided to reward dedicated players like me with a way of buying skins without spending
real money. Yes it’s going to be hard and take time, but if you are already playing the game on a
regular basis. The loot chests you earn are only going to be a bonus to that.
So I took a little jaunt over to the Public Test Realm and I was not disappointed. The new user
interface is great its easy to navigate and organise your collections of skins and other collectables.
Which is why the new area is called collection. I’m not someone who wants to catch ‘em all (90’s
kid Pokemon reference). However it’s satisfies me to have a “shopping list” of sorts. I can look at
the skins and other items I have, also the ones i’d like to have and set my sights on a goal.
Also I can’t wait to start customising with all the new shiny items. Skins are self explanatory so I
won’t bore you naming all the new skins and variations. However there are a few new completely
unique items. Such as banners, they have no strategic benefit however when you take a
mercenary camp or destroy an enemy structure, you automatically drop a banner at the area of
your victory. This banner persists throughout the game. In the case of camps it disappears when
the camp respawns.
I have recently seen the new battle ground Hanamura. Seriously Blizzard, how do you keep make
me love this game more?!!! The new map really excites me new mechanics, new mercy camps
and it come straight out of Overwatch. I think this may be leading up to a new overwatch/heroes event such as the previous Diablo
(Eternal conflict) and Star Craft (Machines of War).
I love all three of the Overwatch heroes that have crossed over into the nexus of heroes. Zarya,
Tracer and Lucio (who is my jam, pun intended) are just awesome. I love playing each one of them
the way they play the flavour of their world. The lore behind the character, the setting the skins it’s
all just pitch perfect.
Genji is here another hero silently sneaking his way over from overwatch. Man this guy is agile he
leaps and dashes and is one fun guy. He behaves exactly like he does in overwatch. You strike
quickly and decisively, get your kill and get back out again. If they bring even more characters over from that universe I think it would do nothing but benefit the game. Winston the gorilla would be both unique and fun. But also with a shield you can throw
down would add new mechanics into the game and variety is the spice of life. Personally I would
love to have Zenyatta be the next hero to make the leap over from one game to this one.
The Blizzard Heroes 2.0. Roadmap can be found here:
Watch this space for my thoughts on the newest developments. I just got my hands on the New
Diablo hero Cassia and I can’t wait to practice up and hit Ranked play. I know I’m not the only one
eagerly anticipating this realise so why not join me in the nexus in this free to play MOBA.
See you online
Keljorn Ironfist