British video game developer, Positech, announced they would be showing off their title, Production Line, at the EGX. Production Line is an in-depth car factory simulation/tycoon game, allowing players to set up and manage factories in order to create a different variety of cars and turn a profit.

The game takes ques from other Positech titles, such as Big Pharma – players will construct their factory workflows directly to create their vehicles, and perform research to unlock new components and construction methods. It is described as being aimed at the ‘stat geeks’ who like titles like Factorio and Sim City.

On offer via Steam Early Access since May of 2017, Positech is gearing up towards a full release for the PC. The game currently has Very Positive reviews on Steam, with user HUEnsokyo stating the gameplay to be “Addictive like heroin”. The Early Access version of Product Line may be bought at $19.99 USD.

A video of Positech founder, Cliff Harris, playing through the title in the game’s latest production blog may be found below.