Now that CD Projekt Red have officially given the go ahead via Facebook that we can discuss the Gwent: Kill The Servers event, we are able to give you our first impressions on the standalone game!

Now, let me start by saying that this is by no means a review or full impression of the full game as I was only able to get 3 matches in before the servers shutdown this evening.

From what I got to see and play though, I loved it.

I was addicted to Gwent all the way through The Witcher 3 and the expansions, I played so much that my partner would groan every time she heard the opening notes to the ever satisfying theme tune to the card game. With this in mind, I was worried about how the game would work as a standalone game, but all the little additions that have been put into Gwent were great, everything from small card animations right through to some of the new card types and styles.


I for one will definitely be applying for the next stress test and have applied for the full beta in order to test this game to the fullest, but for now I am definitely happy with the amount I was able to play and find the card game to be even more fun and engaging than even the mighty Hearthstone.


This may or may not of factored into my enjoyment but I am so excited to be able to build my own deck (Monster Deck for life) in order to create my own unique play style in the full release.

Stay tuned for more Gwent information as we get it, in the mean time go and give CDPR all your love. We all know they deserve it and I will continue staring at this screen until I get another fix…