Newly formed game developer and publisher, Keystone Games (KG Ltd) has announced a partnership with developer Big fat Alien (BFA) to bring fantasy FPS Rogue Islands to market. Keystone will support the final development of Rogue Islands with its award winning in-house team of AAA artists and programmers. Keystone Games is a unique company that was formed with the mission to give a large majority of its profits to charity and is backed by major private investors.

Big Fat Alien was originally founded in 2009 by former Lucasfilm Animation, Bioware Corp and Factor animator, Kiaran Ritchie and his wife Jasmine. Following early success with physics-based platformer, BEEP, Big Fat Alien spent four years creating Rogue Islands, a new FPS inspired by Minecraft. Under the terms of the agreement Keystone Games and Big Fat Alien will develop and publish Rogue Islands for worldwide release in late September via the Steam platform and international boxed distribution partners.

Jane Rachel Whittaker, Vice President, Operations and Chief Technology Officer at Keystone – who has had a 35-year career in the gaming industry where he has developed titles such as Alien vs Predator for the Atari Jaguar, Goldeneye as VP of MGM, The Sims and Theme Park World and Populous The Beginning as executive in charge of production at Bullfrog and several titles at EA; as Executive In Charge of Production – said:

“Earlier in the year, Big Fat Alien was looking for a publisher that would be able to bring the game to market. We assessed the game and thought that, not only was it stunning to look at, but the gameplay also showed huge potential. With Kiaran returning to Bioware, we have taken over the final development, in conjunction with Jasmine and the team to bring this fantasy world to market. Rogue Islands has already become a huge community hit in pre-release and will be tremendously fun for players all around the world. It sets a whole new benchmark in the genre. We’re excited to have them onboard!”

Big Fat Alien Lead Developer and owner Jasmine Ritchie said, “Joining the Keystone community is a major step forward for us and hugely exciting! We are looking forward to working together with the Keystone team to bring Rogue Islands to market. We’ve put our heart and soul into this game and are incredibly happy to see it released to players around the world. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with Keystone Games.”

In Rogue Islands, players take on the role of a Gnome who sets out to save the world from The Corruption by destroying the five Lords of Torment. The game is a fast-paced, first-person shooter with magic & monsters set in a fantasy wilderness. Players explore forests, deserts, caves and mountains to gain in power as they eradicate a demonic horde, on the quest to reach and destroy the Lords of Torment.

Rogue Islands, developed by Big Fat Alien and published by Keystone Games, is available now in pre-release on Steam (Rogue Islands – Steam) and will be officially released globally in September 2017.

You can find the Steam Page for Rogue Islands here: