Team17 today announced their partnership with Moi Rai Games as Monster Sanctuary joins their award-winning games label.

In Monster Sanctuary, players collect, train and battle monsters in a beautifully crafted pixel world. Every monster has a unique skill tree to allow them to customise and tailor their party as they embark on an epic adventure in a Metroidvania-inspired world. The powers of monsters will allow them to explore and expand the world – cut down vines, smash down walls and glide over gaps in their quest to become the ultimate Monster Keeper.

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, Monster Sanctuary will be heading to Steam Early Access later this year. A demo is currently available on Steam, so that players can try the game for free and share their feedback.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Monster Sanctuary to the Team17 Games Label,” said Debbie Bestwick CEO of Team17, “Moi Rai Games have created an amazing game which already has a passionate community behind it. It’s a really compelling experience for gamers of all ages and we’re excited to be helping Moi Rai to realise their vision.”

Denis Sinner, Founder of Moi Rai Games added, “We are delighted to be able to work with a publisher as prestigious and passionate as Team17. From classics like Worms to newer indie hits like The Escapists – we are happy to see Monster Sanctuary join the Team17 line-up. Thanks to Team17, we are able to focus, improve and add a level of polish to our game that we never dreamt of when we first started developing it in our free time. We are confident that together we will deliver the best possible version of Monster Sanctuary.”

Monster Sanctuary will be heading to Steam Early Access in 2019. A free demo is available to download on Steam.