New FINAL FANTASY X Storyline, Ultimate Heroes Tidus and Yuna, second anniversary items and more await players throughout August and September!

Wednesday, August 1, 2018 Square Enix Ltd.,have today announced that the award-winning mobile RPG MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY celebrates its two year anniversary with exciting content and a new collaboration with the beloved classic, FINAL FANTASY X. Starting today, players can access an all-new chapter in the FINAL FANTASY X story, in addition to a new Ultimate Hero Summon featuring Tidus, new quests, special in-game bonuses, and more.

From now until 30th November 2018, the FINAL FANTASY X collaboration includes the following:

  • Continuation of the FINAL FANTASY X story – “DREAM WITHIN A DREAM – Prologue” will be available from 1st August, “DREAM WITHIN A DREAM – Episode 1” will be available from 15th August, with additional parts to be released at future dates.
  • New Ultimate Heroes – Players can take on the appearance of Tidus by obtaining the new Ultimate Hero, which is available for summon beginning today. A second Ultimate Hero, Yuna, will be available to summon in September.
  • New Auron-themed WoL Job – Beginning today, “Legendary Guardian,” a new Legend Job, is available through the Greater Summon.
  • New Rikku-themed Sarah Job – “Al Bhed Huntress,” a new Legend Job, will be available to summon beginning in September.
  • New Sin-themed Supreme Card – “Sin: FFX” debuts as the latest Supreme Card.
  • “FFX Blitzball” Ranking Event – Hardcore players can take on the Blitzball-themed event and climb the rankings to receive in game rewards from 23rd August – 1st September.
  • Special In-Game Bonuses – All players that log in throughout the collaboration will receive the Tidus & Yuna: FFX ability card and Magistral Rod weapon, exclusive for WoL.

The second anniversary celebration kicks off with the following content for all players:

  • Special Login Bonus – Players who log in during the month of August can receive up to 14 free Summon Tickets and two Growstars.
  • Mobius Week – Players will receive Mobius Day bonuses from today until 13th August, such as double stamina received from elixirs, increased fusion success rate, an increased chance of unlocking Extra Skills and a skillseed bonus for all elements in exploration regions.
  • Welcome Back Campaign – Invite your friends back to play for big rewards between today and 16th August. All players will be awarded a free Greater Summon and up to 8 free daily summons based on based on how many inactive players log in.
  • 2nd Anniversary Commemorative Stamp – All players who log in during August will receive a commemorative 2nd anniversary stamp which can resurrect themselves in multiplayer once per battle.
  • Ultimate Heroes & Supreme Card Summon – For a limited time, players who purchase more than 12,000 magicite will receive two Supreme Tickets and 240 Ability Tickets. Players can use these Supreme Tickets to summon once from special Ultimate Heroes and Supreme Card banners. Additional information on this promotion can be found here:
  • VIP Mode – Players who purchase a total of 1,500 magicite or more per month will qualify for VIP Mode, which eliminates the skillseed cost of setting custom skill cards, increases the rate at which extra skills are unlocked, and other useful boosts for thirty one days following the magicite purchase. VIP Mode will be implemented after the next maintenance.

Additionally, the first EX Job, Ascetic, will be available to summon from 11th August 2018. EX Jobs are a new powerful type of job exclusive to MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY.

MOBIUS FINAL FANTASY is available now from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, and STEAM now. For more information, visit: