It’s been a fantastic year at the game awards, but only one winner can stand in each category- here are our champions for 2018!

Best Story: Red Dead Redemption 2

Best Performance: Roger Clarke as Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2

Best Score: Red Dead Redemption 2

Best Audio Design: Red Dead 2

Best Art: Return of the Obra Dinn

Best Mobile: Florence

Best VR/AR game: Astro Bot, Rescue Mission

Content Creator of the Year: Ninja

eSports Personality of the Year: SonicFox

Best Indie Debut: The Messenger

Best fighter: DBZ Fighterz

Best family game: Overcooked 2

Best strategy: Into the Breach

Best Indie: Celeste

Best Sport/Racing: Forza Horizon 4

Best Game Direction: God of War

Best ongoing game: Fortnite

Best Game: God of War

Salman and I (I’m Will, hi there!) decided out highlight was SonicFox’s acceptance of the eSports personality award; not only is Salman a massive fan of his, but his charisma and wonderful energy as he strutted onstage in a full Furry suit, uncaring about being judged and laughing all the way, stole the show.

Congratulations¬†to all the winners!¬†Feel free to spool through all the evening’s news on our front page, as their was so much more going on tonight that just awards alone!

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