It’s been a fantastic year at the game awards, but only one winner can stand in each category- here are our champions for 2018!

Best Story: Red Dead Redemption 2

Best Performance: Roger Clarke as Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2

Best Score: Red Dead Redemption 2

Best Audio Design: Red Dead 2

Best Art: Return of the Obra Dinn

Best Mobile: Florence

Best VR/AR game: Astro Bot, Rescue Mission

Content Creator of the Year: Ninja

eSports Personality of the Year: SonicFox

Best Indie Debut: The Messenger

Best fighter: DBZ Fighterz

Best family game: Overcooked 2

Best strategy: Into the Breach

Best Indie: Celeste

Best Sport/Racing: Forza Horizon 4

Best Game Direction: God of War

Best ongoing game: Fortnite

Best Game: God of War

Salman and I (I’m Will, hi there!) decided out highlight was SonicFox’s acceptance of the eSports personality award; not only is Salman a massive fan of his, but his charisma and wonderful energy as he strutted onstage in a full Furry suit, uncaring about being judged and laughing all the way, stole the show.

Congratulations to all the winners! Feel free to spool through all the evening’s news on our front page, as their was so much more going on tonight that just awards alone!