The ‘Hearthstone Championship Tour’ begins Thursday 11th October, with 16 players competing for a $250,000 grand prize

The HCT is Hearthstone’s premier championship tour, taking place in Blizzard’s custom Arena in California, and is the largest Hearthstone tournament anywhere in the world.

This Fall edition will hold a 1/4 of a Million prize pool, with the winner securing a seat at the World Championship.

The competition will begin with a 2-day group stage, with four groups of four competing for a place in Saturday’s Elimination and Decider matches, with the top eight then participating in Playoffs on Sunday.

The tournament will be streamed officially by Blizzard on the PlayHearthstone Twitch

Finally, Blizzard is giving away free card packs to audience members, by choosing a ‘Champion’ from the competitors. The more that competitor wins, the more packs their followers earn! Blizzard are calling it ‘Choose your Champion’

This year’s competition takes place in Hearthstone’s ‘Year of the Raven’, meaning that only cards available in the ‘Standard’ format will be playable. This includes all cards from the base game, less those that have been rotated into the hall of fame, as well as the following expansions:

  • Journey to Un’Goro
  • Knights of the Frozen Throne
  • Kobolds and Katacombs
  • The Witchwood
  • The Boomsday Project

This year is the last time cards from Journey to Un’Goro, Knights of the Frozen Throne, and Kobolds and Katacombs will appear in the championships, so fans of those expansions would do best to tune in!