Pull up a chair by the hearth! After some awkward launch times across the world, we can rejoice that the expansion is now live in Europe. Knights of the Frozen Throne is a celebration of the Lich King as well as death knights. Over the past few weeks Blizzard have been showing off plenty of new cards. Now all 135 new cards are available for you to craft, open and send into battle. As well as the usual packs to open, this expansion brings back a solo adventure for you to play through. A wing of the adventure will open up each week to provide a host of rewards including a Death Knight Uther.

For anyone who logs in by the end of October, you will be rewarded with 3 packs for you to start your new collection. Around the season there should also be some missions to reward you with packs or arena runs. The meta surrounding the ranked mode will be constantly changing over the next few weeks. It’s encouraged to experiment and create the next big thing before everyone starts using the same deck. I’m going to build my collection up a bit first and see what I can create myself.

Get online as soon as you can and build some crazy decks! If you’re new to Hearthstone you can play for free over here: https://us.battle.net/hearthstone/en/

For now enjoy the Lich King himself responding to comments online.