Yesterday Google officially announced their entry into the gaming platform market by announcing Stadia.

With this announcement, Google seem to be making the first major step into the video game streaming market. In the launch announcement that you can watch below, Google revealed that the Stadia will have no physical console, just a traditional game pad that you can use with existing devices such as laptops, TV’s and phones.

Stadia will reportedly stream games at a better than console quality depending on which device you are streaming to. Google’s Phil Harrison also confirmed that Stadia will be launching later this year in the UK, Europe, US and Canada but did not comment on an exact release date or price. He did though hint at more details coming in the summer.

There were some big claims during this press conference, including one where Google claim that Stadia is more powerful than the PS4 Pro and X-Box One combined and that they aim to be streaming in 4K at 60 fps at launch with the vision to be streaming in 8K at 120+ fps in the future.

It also seems that Google are not alone in this venture as they have partnered with many third party developers including Ubisoft who were on hand to showcase some Assassins Creed footage in support of Stadia. It also seems that Google Stadia will have a first party studio headed up by Jade Reymond to make exclusive titles for the streaming service.

For more information on what Stadia is capable of, make sure you check out the video above and keep it right here at Respawning for all the latest news and thoughts on the new Google Stadia.