Hitman 2 is on the horizon and with it we have noticed some questionable levels in the various trailers and some levels that look incredible so we wanted to take a look over our favourite, and least favourite, Hitman levels featured in the hit franchise!


Happy Birthday to me… Happy Birthday to me… Enough of that, there is only one answer for the best Hitman level. There’s a level in Hitman set in a huge party hall. It’s a Christmas party so there is one character that needs to be involved… Santa… Must kill Santa… who doesn’t want to be Santa, spreading cheer, giving gifts to the good children, coal to the bad and murdering the worst. What’s not to like? There’s something that is quite appealing getting this costume, everyone assumes that Santa is this jolly fellow and that he’s not going to do anything bad. It’s the perfect disguise, also the red suit hides all the blood you get on it from killing your target… Win-Win.


I’ve literally never picked up a Hitman game in my life…..perhaps this club will sway me to pick one up….who knows! Gotta say I do like the idea of murderous Santa!!


Oh, I have way too many opinions to list this here…keep an eye out for my article on what I think are the best Hitman levels, coming out in the next few days to celebrate the impending release of HITMAN 2.


Not so much a level but my favourite bit of any Hitman game is the end of Blood Money – specifically the end credits where Agent 47 is laying there seemingly dead at his own funeral until… HE ISN’T and he rises up, Silverballers in hand and murders everyone in the room who came to ensure he was dead.

What a perfect end to a series best.


My only previous experience with Hitman so far has been in ‘Absolution’, which I gather was something of a departure from series norms focused too much on linear gameplay rather than wide-open levels to explore and experiment within.

There was one level, I think, that really took the piss- the level early on in the game set in a Chinatown market.

Now don’t get me wrong, this level was really technically impressive and just like basically all Hitman, was really an enjoyable play. The only problem was the excruciatingly small scale of the map- legit, I’ve been in lecture theatres bigger than this map. This was my introduction to the famed ‘sprawling sandboxes’ of Hitman- a small courtyard full of obnoxiously loud pedestrians.