Okay, okay, this one is incredibly self-indulgent- but as we all love our fearless, beautiful and incredible leader… (can you tell Luke wrote this intro?) we take a look at games that remind us of Luke to celebrate his birthday!


There’s only one answer to this… God. Of. War. As of writing this, I haven’t yet played the game, but it’s the character that reminds me most of Luke. I presume you’ve never seen a picture of Luke, but he’s a man who lifts, pushing weights and skipping leg day. He’s attempting to get hench. He also has a killer beard, Just like Kratos. If there was ever a spiritual character for Luke, It’s Kratos.


Luke likes a few things- Cats, Whiskey, Zelda- but chief among them, he’s a big fan of music. And that’s why I’m always reminded of him whenever I remember Brutal Legend. “It’s a shit game, but I loved it”, Luke said when last we talked about it. And if speaking out about how much you love something kick-ass and metal wasn’t the most ‘Luke’ thing around, I’m not sure what is.

BRUTAL LEGEND game fantasy warrior music guitar y ...
I’d cast him in a remake.


I wanted to list a bunch of the lamest video games I could think of, my little pony returns etc. but it’s time to admit something… Luke has enhanced/enlarged my pe…-taste in video games! Becoming a part of Respawning is a big part of that as I’ve reviewed many games that I maybe wouldn’t have gotten round to otherwise, and Luke is the reason I’m part of this amazing gang.

But the real biggie for me is Digimon: Cybersleuth, which he kindly lent to me. I pumped a lot of hours into this and loved it, it’s actually gotta be one of my top ever games. And as someone who is a very casual fan of JRPGs it changed the games I look at playing for sure. So cheers for that Luke, happy birthday. Honourable mentions to ‘Gang Beasts’ and ‘That’s You!’ as those are fun drunk games. 😛


I think the first game me and Luke just both fangirled over has to be NieR Automata! I mean it’s just such a good game. Other than NieR I always think of Final Fantasy X when I think of Luke. His love for that game is just so cute. Happy birthday baby boy!


Okay for me, it’s Marvel Spider-Man…..literally haven’t heard the end of it since like… the whole short time I’ve been at Respawning. I guess this is kinda fitting too as it’s a pretty awesome game and Luke is also pretty awesome.

Marvel's Spider-Man Game | PS4 - PlayStation