Creed 2 is in cinemas this week, and as the first one heralded in a second wind for the Rocky franchise we decided to take a look at other franchises that dipped in quality but eventually came back stronger than ever!


Okay, so no real quality dip on this one, like at all, all the film are 110% amazingly flawless, but imma go ahead and talk about Toy Story. I love it. I love how it just nailed the tone of its return. All the feelings of becoming an adult and going through all my childhood things deciding what to keep what to store and what to take to uni with me was freshly going through my head and this film just nailed all those emotions. I thought it was a really strong return to characters I know and love and grew up with. I think it’s done a lot as well for the responsible donation of toys by scarring us all for life with that furnace scene.


We not gonna talk about the MCU?

Phase 1. Iron Man, Captain America, Iron Man II, The Avengers. Good shit.

Phase 2. Iron Man III. Thor: The Dark World. Ant-man. Avengers: Age of Ultron. Merely OK good shit.

Phase 3. Captain America: Civil War. Thor: Ragnarok. Avengers: Infinity War. Holy fuck, this is the tastiest shit I’ve ever seen, 11/10.

If you count the 1-movie spike in quality that was ‘Wonder Woman’, I guess you could say the same for the DCEU too.