Now that the Big Bang Theory is FINALLY moving into it’s final season we wanted to take a look over the past few years and think about TV Franchises that we wish just quit while they were ahead! Whether the show carried on too long and the quality dropped or we simply wish it ended on a high note, here are the shows we wish would just go away already:











Supernatural used to be one of my favorite TV series with clever and comedic writing and a great dynamic between the two leading characters, brothers Sam and Dean. I was hooked on their monster hunting escapades for a full 5 seasons! Right up to the point where they literally beat Satan. Then my interest evaporated faster than a puddle in Dubai. I legitimately couldn’t be paid to give a shit about any of the seasons since then as the build up to Satan is now gone and the series is meandering around with dull plots and shoe horned ideas and more character resurrections than Dragonball can shake a Kaio-Ken at (see what i did there? are you happy now nerds?!)

If the Series had ended with the final scene of season 5 of Dean settling into a new family life with his demon hunting finally behind him and his brother having sacrificed himself for the greater good of the world I’d have been content. BUT NO they just had to keep that shit going didn’t they! fuck you, you handsome bastards…


Firstly, Lost…..I mean does anybody know what actually happened in that show? I don’t even think the writers know. Also i’m super bitter about John Lockes death…. super bitter. I don’t know when i would have liked this story to end, but I don’t like where it ended. Secondly Being Human, the UK edition, I was so annoyed when  BBC Three Cancelled The Fades, what I believed to be a promising up and coming success for the already dying Being Human. I loved the first few seasons, they were great!! But what made the show for me was the original Trio and when that fell apart it was like flogging a dead horse. I didn’t watch any of the rebooted cast episodes. I think the American Being Human did a really good Job of stopping just at the right place.


I don’t watch a huge amount of TV anymore. Not because I don’t want to, but more because I don’t have the time. When I did watch TV though, I enjoyed a lot of TopGear (Unsurprisingly…). The show was massively successful and generated so much money that it was supporting other shows from its profits, Including completely paying for the development of Doctor Who at one point. The old team of Clarkson, Captain Slow and the Hamster brought a hilarious dynamic that pushed the boundaries of stupid. It was brilliant. Then Jeremy Clarkson punched a producer in the face. The TopGear brand lives on though, its former glory is dead and buried. It’s not the presenter’s fault but they just don’t have the right dynamic and comes across wrong, Its time for TopGear to die its death so that we can remember the good times.

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