TV and Film have had a ton of martial artists, we have the classics such as the works of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, and even some silly ones like ‘Kung Fu Panda’ maybe. Either way, the martial arts have become its own genre in this wonderful artistic medium showing off the very best of skill and choreography. And since Iron Fist season 2 is just around the corner why not talk about some of our favouriteses?


Alright, this is gonna be a bit of a joke answer- but have you ever seen ‘King Pow: Enter the Fist’? If not then I highly suggest you get some milk duds and check that film out if you’re into martial arts, comedies, and fever dreams. But anyways one of my favourite martial artists in anything has to be Wimp Lo. An idiot who has been trained incorrectly his entire life as a joke. So, in the end, this loveable idiot with his squeaky shoes thinks that losing is winning. And you get to hear some of the funniest dialogue in cinematic history such as,  “Oh yeah? Try my nuts to your fist style!” Oh, Wimp Lo, you need your own movie.


The first thought that popped into my head was Neo, as a kid, he was all I wanted to be and I still love the matrix trilogy to this day. However growing up I’ve realised that wasn’t the best martial arts on offer. Up there for me is Jet Li, Fearless is one of the greatest martial arts movies ever made and if you haven’t seen it you really need to, it’s not got silly floating or a stupid storyline, it’s a brutal story with equally brutal fight scenes, seriously go and watch it.

Additionally, Iko Iwais from the raid movies is an absolute beast, the raid movies are second only to fearless for me and I could watch them over and over again.


This list contains way too many Kung-Fu movies. Let’s talk about Batman!

Remember this guy? You should, given that he’s one of the best cinematic superhero villains around. At least, he is from the perspective of his physical acting. Bane is famous in the comic book world for being ‘The man who broke the Bat’- in other words, the first man to beat Batman in a straight fight, complete with the iconic image of Batman at his mercy, as Bane breaks his spine on his knee. Bane is the greatest fight Batman ever fought, and one on the only people Batman fears- in other words, he is feared by fear itself.

And Tom Hardy’s portrayal of how Bane fights is Perfect.

The scene where Bane and Batman first cross fists gives me goosebumps every time- not just because of the chilling dialogue, but because of the actual way the punches and kicks are thrown. How often do you actually notice the fighting style of two people in an action film? Only once in a Winter Soldier, methinks- but Bane frightens and excites me with every. Single. Strike.

Watching the scene is like watching the world’s greatest MMA fight, but with the added gravitas of the plot it revolves around. Tom Hardy has said in interviews that he was such a massive Batman fan that he had to actively fight his own instincts in the scene, clawing past the guilt of beating up his childhood idol- and it gives an ungodly amount of ferocity to the final product. Not only does Bane take Batman’s hits like they’re nothing, but he then strikes back with such visceral strikes that you almost feel yourself weakening alongside Batman, which means that when the scene finally reaches a head and Bane takes Bruce Wayne over his knee, those watching the scene feel utterly defeated, and Bane is established as a terrifying presence for the rest of the film.


So, this might come as a surprise since this piece is so far sticking with eastern martial arts but you know what? Big-Will likes boxing! So I’m coming in with the West’s answer, Rocky!

Sure, I like a Kung Fu movie as much as the next man, but TECHNICALLY boxing is a martial art too. disagree? Good for you-you’re wrong.

Anyway. The Rocky films have always been some of my favourites with the training montages serving to inspire my own training and the fight scenes playing out both realistically and even like a well-choreographed dance at times. Rocky’s sheer determination and skill makes him so likable and that fact that he doesn’t always win but still shows the most heart is what makes him a hero to everyone. Remember kids its not always about winning!


Martial arts films aren’t really in my interest, but I’ve seen a handful. ‘The Matrix’, that new ‘Karate kid’ etc. So I don’t have much knowledge in this area- so I guess the only person I can really talk about is the legendary Jackie Chan!

Image result for Rush hour

I mean come on this guy is a machine, I believe he’s trained in 3 martial arts, has been in like 150 movies since the 60’s- and is still doing his own stunts! And I mean come on… who doesn’t like ‘Rush Hour’!? It’s funny, it’s action packed and fast paced!