Welcome to Respawnings Film and TV club! Umbrella Academy has been making the rounds and people are loving it! So we’re here to talk about our favourite films and TV shows based on comics that aren’t from Marvel!

Will J

Does… does Manga count? Because if so, I’m gonna beat Luke to the punch and give y’all a quick lowdown on why you should have watched ‘Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood’ by now.

I’m not all that into Anime. I’ve watched a small handful within my life- but after moving on from my slightly more weeby friends at the end of my secondary school days, I’ve floated back to western media and largely stayed there ever since. But that said, ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’ is one of my all-time favorite stories, and ‘Brotherhood’ is by far the best way to experience it.

A gritty blend of the magic, humour, and strong characters of a show like ‘Avatar: The legend of Aang’ and the pant-clenching drama of Dragon Ball, all mixed up in the pot of a cold war political thriller, FMA:B has every ingredient for the perfect product teenage Will would take to heart. This show will make you laugh, This show will make you cry. This show will have you punching the sky in victory and yelling at your TV in anguish.

And it’s on Netflix. With a frankly fantastic English language dub. Don’t let the fact that it’s anime discourage you- you will love this show. Promise.


Oy-vey the choices I have. Being prominent in my mind is Titans, this show absolutely smashed all of my expectations and left me hankering for more, however i bummed it enough here. So the other show i’d like to talk about is Legion. This show is a must watch for EVERYONE and despite the fact i haven’t watched season 2 the first is still one of my favourites.

Never before have I watched a series which really bends your mind in the way that this does. Throughout the whole series you’re never quite sure what’s happening as the main character’s powers have a combination of altering reality and sending him insane. So you’re never sure what events are actually taking place nor who’s even real. Couple this with some amazing writing, brilliant actors and subtle humour and it’s a must watch. So i MUST watch season 2!


It’s me, I’ve been away a while, but I’m back and better than ever. I’ve recently started watching something that is fairly old but still just as epic as it was when it was released. DragonBall Kai. In this series, Frieza has destroyed the planet of the Sayans, planet Vegeta and has come to earth with two other Saiyans to wipe out humanity and sell the planet for profit. I’ve not watched a huge amount of the series but big stuff has already gone down.

Just to put things into perspective, I’m not going to tell you why, but one of the characters destroys the moon because its a better alternative to what’s happening. How does that make you feel? I’m at the start of a long road with Dragonball but I’m excited to see it through and catch up to the end.


Scott Pilgrim vs The World is one of my favourite movies of all time. The effects, the comedy, the editing, characters and oh my lord the music. I can legitimately watch this movie over and over again and not even feel tuckered out.

That ain’t to say the comic isn’t amazing either. I think it’s fantastic but I guess it’s just because I watched the movie first that I prefer it way more than the comic. If you want some of the most fun movies ever made especially for us epic gamers.