From August 21 through September 4, players of EVE Online, the deep and uniquely player-driven spaceship MMO game from CCP Games, will be able to descend even further into Abyssal Deadspace to uncover the Secrets of the Abyss, unlocking new rewards in exchange for completing treacherous challenges. The update will also bring a revamped New Player Experience (NPE) to EVE Online, with significant quality-of-life improvements to the combat path and a multitude of fixes and changes.

A mysterious group have sabotaged CONCORD’s suspect flagging system, leaving the deeper tiers of Abyssal Deadspace open to exploration by all. Participation in the event will see players exploring these pockets of Deadspace across a variety of challenges that they can set by accessing The Agency via their Neocom menu. Completed challenges will see players racking up Agency points that can be exchanged for exceptional rewards. You can now also keep track of your challenge progress from the info panel, as well as claiming your challenge rewards and getting quick access to The Agency home.

The unique and exclusive, time-limited rewards Armor Repairer and Shield Booster Mutaplasmids, three exclusive Singularity Storm SKINs for Triglavian hulls and the Cerebral Accelerator will only be given out for successful completion of event challenges, and only during the Secrets of the Abyss event.

“The initial state of the new NPE focuses on setting the stage for much bigger things to come. The changes we’ve made behind the curtains in this installment will allow us to revamp the base experience as a whole, so it introduces EVE Online to new pilots better. Keep your eyes peeled for further updates soon.” – said Linzi Campbell, Senior Game Designer

EVE Online’s overhauled New Player Experience (NPE) now includes a new basic starter site for rookie pilots, as well as a new Agency UI for training tasks and combat challenges that propel new Alpha Clones into the action faster than ever before – More info on the event can be found at